Me and Nat, Summer 2015
Me and Nat, Summer 2015

Welcome to my little pocket of the web. I’m Justin. Husband. Dog-owner. Ad pro. Weekend Warrior. Volunteer. Midwesterner.


I grew up in Kansas City, MO, graduated from the University of Missouri, and for the past 10 years have been soaking up all that the big city has to offer here in Chicago.


In Spring 2015 my beautiful wife, Natalie, and I were married out in California, then welcomed the first addition to our family last Summer…our Boxer puppy, Oakley.  We’re all about the “DINK” life for now, but kids will be in the cards for us soon enough.


I’ve been playing the crazy game of advertising for the past 11-plus years, starting out in KC, then working my way up and down the ad alphabet here in The Chi – BBDO, Y&R, DDB, and now VSA. More on that here.


For the past five years I’ve volunteered for an amazing organization called Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.  Their mission is one that’s become very important to me, and one that’s particularly relevant here in Chicago – to help young people overcome emotional and educational obstacles to become confident, self-reliant adults.

Oakley Barksdale McConaughey Sutton
The boy. Oakley Barksdale McConaughey Sutton


I’m a bit of a sucker for inspirational personal development content – books, quotes, leaders, podcasts, blogs, and the like.  I love learning about the different perspectives and practices of highly fulfilled people, whether that’s the leader of a billion-dollar corporation, a world-class athlete, or a local volunteer living a modest but influential life.  I’m always looking for new outlooks, opinions and approaches that might inspire me to see things in a slightly different way, and put them to use to make this world as fulfilling as it can possibly be, both for me, those closest to me, and my community.  So I thought I’d start sharing some of the insights, stories and people that have had a big impact on me here. Hopefully one of you can take something from it that makes a positive impact on you too.


I’d love to connect with as many of you like-minded folks as I can.  There’s nothing more inspiring than talking and acting upon big ideas that might make a difference, whether they be business ventures, volunteer suggestions, coaching opportunities, or to simply have a chat about how Mizzou Football might take the SEC next year (like I said, BIG ideas).  So please don’t hesitate to reach out here.


Thanks again for checking in.

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